About Me

Scott S. Trantham is an American multi-genre writer. While his interests lie primarily in Sci-Fi/Fantasy, his works bleed through their descriptors. Advent of the Rebellion, a Steampunk novel, will debut in 2019.cropped-img_20180718_211359_832.jpg

The series follows an exiled airship crew as they struggle through the dystopian future brought after nuclear fallout. Central themes include family, justice, and how far someone will go to meet their desires.

After the debut launch, he will continue working on his next project: a YA gritty faerie tale. Magic is being quietly strangled, and someone finally noticed. Join Allera Pense as she delves into the mysteries of Selledore, and the perils of winning a tournament designed for the Fey.

Scott was born in Long Beach, CA but was raised in pine-scented Deep East Texas. A nomad at heart, he can be found in your local coffee shop, a bookstore, or wandering through nature trails.