Hey there, come on in. Make yourself at home. Below are a few great stories for you to choose. Click on any you like to see more.


Dystopian / Steampunk / Interactive Fiction

Discover a devastated world, where travel is nigh impossible, and the sand itself eats away at your boots. Play as Hawke, exiled navigator, and keeper of the Moon’s path. With an oppressive Queen, a hungry crew, and a rickety wagon, survival is the bare minimum.

But is that enough for you? Or do you dream of glory–and vengeance?

The Broken Bottle

YA / Fantasy / Interactive Fiction

Orphaned and alone in medieval Romania, Florin loses his last lifeline—his sister, Nadia.

He, and his faithful wolf, Zana, need your guidance to navigate the mysterious snow-covered landscape around the Roma circus.

With an enigmatic cast, danger around every corner, and the faintest whisper of magic around Florin, can you find his lost sister, and restore his family’s legacy?

…or will you fall prey to the tyrant?

Brave the path. Or die trying.

Wither (Coming Soon)

YA / Dark Fantasy / Novel

What lies beneath the thorns?

Sixteen and angry, Allera Pense comes home to finally confront her mother about the gaslighting and constant moving–but whatever she was running from finally caught up.

Alone now, Allera runs straight into the faerie world of her childhood, and the answers lie in the dark, waiting to kill her too.

Project Burne

Scifi / Mystery / Interactive Fiction

Waking up in an abandoned warehouse sucks, but waiting for your cyborg body to boot itself up is worse.

Help Burne uncover her new robotic powers, and unlock secrets to a conspiracy spanning the globe.

..all from the safety of your own device.

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